Canon Wireless All In One Printer: CHEAP (via CNET)

Canon Wireless All In One Printer: CHEAP (via CNET)

Wow, this printer usually lists for $100. You can get it for $40. NEW..not refurbished. Seriously..And it is one of the Canon all in one wireless printer family members which means it is has pretty good standing.

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How To Buy A Printer And Get The Most For Your Money

When you research products online, the three valuable resources you will find will be categorized by: bestseller list, how to buy guides, and individual product reviews. All three are important. We just came across a great buying guide for printers on the Guardian. Let’s check it out!

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Go Wireless In Your Home Office

A great Yahoo Finance article crossed our desk about going wireless in your home office.  Let’s check it out!

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PC Magazine: How To Connect A Wireless Printer

On the heels or our post about a decrease in overall printer sales but an increase in wireless printer sales, PC Mag has a great instructional article detailing how to connect your wireless printer here

As we move to wireless devices, it is inevitable that if you do not have a wireless printer now you will get one soon.

To complicate matters, there are so many wireless devices, tablets, phones, etc you will want to print from that connecting to your wireless device will get more complicated.

The PC Mag article is a great article detailing steps to consider when you hook up your wireless printer. Although some details are there for completeness and not necessarily relevant which may confuse, but it is a good article.


Yahoo News Reports Continued Growth In Wireless Printers And Devices

While the world of printers continues to decrease in overall use with so many platforms and devices to view images on (when was the last time you printed a photo?) there is an increase in hardcopy devices sold which are wireless.

According to Yahoo News, International Data Corporation (IDC) has found a 2% growth in a challenging economic environment. What does this mean?

“The brightest spot in the overall worldwide hardcopy peripherals (HCP) market during the third quarter of 2012 (3Q12) was wireless devices, with its showing of 2% year-over-year growth in a challenging economic environment. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker, total worldwide hardcopy unit shipments declined 12.7% year over year to nearly 27.4 million units, the fourth consecutive quarterly decline.”

In particular, here are some vendor highlights:

HP Printers Despite almost -25% growth, HP is still the leading vendor in hardcopy sales with a 37.3 market share.

Canon Printers actually increased its position to the number 2 spot with a market share of 20.9%

There are more details on the article, but in short it looks like the printer market is declining, but won’t be going away entirely anytime soon. Just like there will always be people who want to read a book, there will be people who will want to see a photo. Doubtful the decline is in quality of printers, you should always feel good about that. But the decline is in actual printer use.

Not to mention a better indicator would be decrease in sales in INK and TONER, not necessarily in printers – because really how much functionality will change in a printer? That could be why fewer units are being sold (we’ve had our two printers for 12 years and 5 years)