Windows 8? HP All In One Printers Got Your Back

If you have been using Windows for some time…say a few months(?).. you may have already fostered this love-hate relationship with Microsoft. Don’t even get us started on GUI and usability.

On the backend, Microsoft keeps changing some of its rules, drivers, and kernel features. This can be a bane for both users as well as third party vendors and resellers.

Sometimes it’s good, because if vendors can keep up with Microsoft, more things become easy to just “plug and play” making things much easier for the user.

In that vein, HP has announced that its new line of printers will be Windows 8 Ready .. Yup, right then and there. Bravo to the HP Printers and HP for leading the way to make it easier on us users.

HP has announced four All-in-One PCs designed to work with the Windows 8 operating system. On the list? The HP Spectreone (we haven’t heard of this one).

But also on the list their well known Touchsmart, Envy, and Pavilion lines. Specifically:

HP Envy 23

HP Envy 20 Touchsmart

HP Pavilion 20

“James Mouton, SVP and general manager of HP’s Personal Computer Global Business Unit is clearly chuffed with the firm’s latest PC models. He said, “The clean look of an all-in-one PC and the ease of one-cord set-up are key reasons customers turn to HP.”

Read the news release here

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